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Shawn Stackhouse

Partner and Consulting Actuary

Shawn has worked as an actuarial consultant to the insurance industry since 1997. With extensive experience working with AXIS throughout his career, he specializes in managing and executing projects involving AXIS model conversions, AXIS calculator replications, finance transformations, model vetting, actuarial audits, product pricing, valuation and financial reporting. Shawn also has extensive modeling experience using Excel, Access and VBA.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Converting actuarial models from legacy systems to AXIS for regular life, universal life, disability, long-term care, variable annuity and equity indexed annuity products
  • Implementing new modeling functionality and product features into existing AXIS models for the projection and valuation of insurance and annuity products
  • Creating AXIS, EnterpriseLink, spreadsheet and database processes for Canadian and US GAAP, statutory and tax reporting
  • Implementing US GAAP LDTI reserving functionality for disability and long-term care products and validating AXIS results
  • Building complex spreadsheet models to independently calculate policy projections and reserves that verify and replicate the AXIS calculation engine to facilitate audits and validation of model changes
  • Establishing recommended model design principles and best practices for the design, maintenance and documentation of AXIS models to provide a consistent modeling approach throughout an organization
  • Performing detailed vetting of AXIS models to ensure correct setup, product features, assumptions and calculations
  • Designing AXIS models to set premiums and analyze profitability for life and annuity insurance products
  • Developing Excel/VBA tools to facilitate, automate and control creation, modification and documentation of AXIS tables and objects
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