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Jessica Newman

Partner and Consulting Actuary

Jessica began her career in the reinsurance industry in 2003, focusing on pricing and valuation of individual reinsurance products in areas including life, longevity, critical illness, disability and long-term care. For the last eight years, she has worked as an AXIS modeling consultant, executing on projects involving model conversions, model developments, model design best practices, peer reviews, pricing and financial reporting.

Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Designing and building AXIS models for traditional life, critical illness, disability, long-term care, annuity and reinsurance products
  • Converting actuarial models from legacy systems to AXIS for regular life and par products
  • Implementing model enhancements and new functionality into existing AXIS models to support new products, assumptions and regulations
  • Conducting thorough peer reviews of actuarial pricing and valuation models to ensure they accurately reflect the intended setup, product features, assumptions and calculations
  • Managing financial reporting for a Canadian reinsurer, including valuation (IFRS/Canadian GAAP, US GAAP), capital (MCCSR, economic) and embedded value
  • Designing model templates, profit analysis reports and pricing processes to support an accurate pricing function
  • Developing best practices change management protocol related to AXIS model development
  • Conducting mortality and lapse experience studies resulting in revised best estimate and valuation assumptions
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