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David Massaro

Consulting Actuary

David has worked extensively with AXIS since the start of his career in 2016. Prior to joining Actuarial Design, he worked at two reinsurers providing reinsurance across various products and lines of business, gaining extensive experience in the regular life, annuity and disability AXIS modules. He is experienced in developing AXIS models with Canadian, US statutory and US GAAP reserving methodologies, and has worked as a project lead, overseeing the comprehensive integration of new reinsurance deals into existing reporting systems. David also has considerable experience in automation and the integration of AXIS with downstream reporting systems.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Converting models from legacy systems to AXIS for regular life and annuity products
  • Establishing AXIS modeling best practices, modeling governance standards and the model review framework for a major reinsurer
  • Planning and executing large-scale AXIS model validations and replications from first principles
  • Optimizing AXIS models to simplify setup and reduce run time
  • Developing Excel, VBA, SQL Server and Access tools to support modeling work
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