AXIS Model Build & Support

AXIS Model conversion and development work can be problematic for an insurer for the following reasons:

  • Lack of experience in AXIS model design best practices
  • Limited technical expertise specific to AXIS model development
  • Insufficient resources

As a result, this important work can often drag on or lack the transparency and flexibility required for future model development. Actuarial Design has developed a best practices framework for building AXIS models. We also have over 50 years of AXIS modeling expertise. From independent model development to consulting services on existing models, we can integrate seamlessly with your internal resources.

We can help with your actuarial modeling services!

Specifically, we provide:

Model Conversion Work

To build efficient, flexible and transparent AXIS models

Model Development

To implement assumption changes and enhance model functionality

Model Consulting Services

To facilitate internal model development by answering your questions and providing advise

Model Vetting and Peer Review

To ensure the accuracy of existing model implementation

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