Meet Our Team

Michael McDonald, FSA, FCIA
Founder & Consulting Actuary

Tel: 613.608.4569
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Since entering the life insurance industry in 2003, my primary focus has been on the valuation and risk management of insurance products.

I began my career in the United States, working for two major insurance carriers. For the last seven years, I have worked as an AXIS modeling consultant with expertise in life and health insurance products that include variable annuity, traditional life, disability, long-term care and universal life, as well as various reinsurance blocks. In addition to liability models, I also have expertise in modeling assets backing liability reserves.

Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Working with a large multi-national reinsurer in developing and implementing their Model Transformation Initiative for their U.S. operations.
  • Leading work stream in Actuarial System Transformation for a global insurer to improve governance, flexibility and efficiency of E2E reporting process.
  • Implementing best practices valuation framework for a mid-sized Canadian insurer.
  • Converting valuation models to GGY AXIS for various lines of business: variable annuity, traditional life, long-term care, universal life.
  • Building spot checking spreadsheets for clients that replicated projection and reserve calculations (USGAAP/US Stat) from their production models.
  • Developing best practices change management protocol related to AXIS models development.
  • Developing nested stochastic model that projected hedge cash flows and was a key tool in analyzing hedge effectiveness for a U.S. insurer.


Shawn Stackhouse, FSA, FCIA
Consulting Actuary

Tel: 416.731.0657
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I have worked as an actuarial consultant to the insurance industry since 1997.

I have worked extensively with AXIS throughout my career. My experience includes managing and executing projects involving AXIS model conversions, AXIS calculator replications, finance transformations, model vetting, actuarial audits, product pricing, valuation and financial reporting. I have extensive experience and modeling proficiency using AXIS, Excel, Access and VBA.

Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Converting actuarial models from legacy systems to AXIS for regular life, universal life, disability, long-term care and variable annuity products.
  • Implementing new modeling functionality and product features into existing AXIS models for the projection and valuation of insurance and annuity products.
  • Creating AXIS, spreadsheet and database processes for Canadian and USGAAP, statutory and tax reporting.
  • Building complex spreadsheet models to independently calculate policy projections and reserves that verify and replicate the AXIS calculation engine to facilitate audits and validation of model changes.
  • Establishing recommended model design principles and best practices for the design, maintenance and documentation of AXIS models to provide a consistent modeling approach throughout an organization.
  • Performing detailed vetting of AXIS models to ensure correct set-up, product features, assumptions and calculations.
  • Designing AXIS models to set premiums and analyze profitability for life and annuity insurance products.
  • Developing Excel/VBA tools to facilitate, automate and control creation, modification and documentation of AXIS tables and objects.


Jessica Newman, FSA, FCIA
Consulting Actuary

Tel: 416.219.5898
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I have worked in the life insurance industry since 2003. My experience has been in pricing and valuing individual insurance products including traditional life, universal life, critical illness, disability, long-term care and variable annuities. I am experienced in designing and building AXIS models, product development, product pricing, valuation, financial reporting and experience analysis.

Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Designing and building AXIS pricing models for life, longevity, critical illness, disability and long-term care reinsurance quotations.
  • Designing model templates, profit analysis reports and pricing processes to support an efficient and accurate reinsurance pricing function.
  • Implementing model enhancements and new treaties into AXIS liability and asset models used for the valuation of reinsured life, health and variable annuity products.
  • Developing FAS97 USGAAP valuation model and reporting process for a coinsured universal life block.
  • Being responsible for financial reporting for a Canadian reinsurer, including valuation (IFRS/CGAAP, USGAAP), capital (MCCSR, economic) and embedded value.
  • Developing best practices change management protocol related to AXIS model development.
  • Redesigning a valuation process to optimize transparency and to eliminate design/logic inefficiencies.
  • Conducting mortality and lapse experience studies resulting in revised best estimate and valuation assumptions.


Delphina Chue, FSA, FCIA, MBA
Consulting Actuary

Tel: 416.312.1610
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I have worked in the life insurance industry since 1999. My experience includes pricing and valuation of life insurance and reinsurance products. I have also worked as a regulator in Canada examining and monitoring life insurance and reinsurance companies. I am experienced in designing and building AXIS models for pricing, valuation, financial reporting, embedded value reporting and experience analysis.

Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Designing, developing and managing the financial reporting process and AXIS models of a start-up company. This includes valuation (IFRS/CGAAP, USGAAP), capital (MCCSR, economic, DCAT), and embedded value.
  • Implementing internal corporate finance and tax strategies, including two successful embedded value securitization projects and IPO work.
  • Implementing new modeling functionality for complex affiliated party retrocession agreements in AXIS for more accurate projection of financial results.
  • Creating Asset models in AXIS for enhanced asset and liability management processes.
  • Conducting experience studies and source of earnings analysis resulting in revised best estimate and valuation assumptions.
  • Developing mechanisms to calculate joint equivalent ages and single equivalent ages that are used in pricing insurance and reinsurance products in Canada and US.


Janet Bevan, CFP®
Business Operations Manager

My background has been with a multinational technology and consulting corporation. My responsibilities involved managing pension plans and working closely with a Canadian-based international insurance company, a global financial service provider, and a risk management global consulting company.

My projects included:

  • Investment performance and analytics
  • Internal and external auditing practices
  • Internal controls and procedures to ensure validity of financial records
  • Sarbanes-Oxley, the U.S. Act for the regulation of corporate governance and financial practice
  • Cash management